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Hey guys, many of you have been sending me emails wondering what the heck is going on with the domain scraper and other general questions about the software. Since we are such a small team (comprised of two people) sometimes we have a hard time responding to all e-mails when there is an issue at hand. So this post will stay up and I will update it any time an issue may arise with the software. That way in the off chance we missed your email you won’t be left in the dark as to what is going on. Thanks for your patience and we are working hard to keep the software functioning properly to the best of our abilities!

Domain Scraper Update 2/13/2016

Domain scraping is no longer needed!

1.Simply create an account on

2. Do a search for whatever keyword you want.

3. Click the download domains as text file button.

4. Click the “Import Domains” button on Expired Article Hunter and select the text file you have downloaded from

5. Scrape your articles!

This will download all the domains quickly and easily to be imported into Expired Article Hunter. We are currently writing a method to automate this process.


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