Expired Article Hunter 2.0 Release Information

Greetings! EAH development has started up again. We are now releasing version 2.0 (beta) to the public. We are calling it a beta because while it seems generally stable, there may be unforeseen bugs arise once it gets out there on different machines and in different situations. Please bear with us as we patch these as the reports come in. Because of the amount of changes in the program we can not auto-update. In order to get the new update please download from below:

Expired Article Hunter 2.0

If you have had a trial in the past and would like to try EAH again with it’s new features, please message support and we will promplty reset your trial for you.


Here are some of the changes that have been made:

Improved article detection

EAH now uses the same algorithm as the popular service Pocket for detecting content. This means less garbage pages that aren’t actually content.

Scrape full HTML formatting or plain text

Scrape images or choose to leave them out (EAH will attempt to upload any remote images to your WordPress site when you post). This means you can instantly upload the fully formatted HTML posts with images rehosted on your site with the click of a button. EAH will automatically detect any images in the article, strip them of their external links and upload them. You also have the option of removing any external links found in any articles automatically.

Language detection

Language detection has been implemented with 82 supported languages. You can now set a preferred language and EAH will scrape articles detected to be in that language. This feature works extremely well but does take a bit more RAM when processing articles.

Plagiarism Checking

We have implemented two forms of plagiarism detection: automatic and visual. Currently, these systems work on an article to article basis and no mass checking is supported. Why? We use Google to check for snippets of each article multiple times in Google. This is the most accurate method of detecting any duplicate content but it does have its downsides as Google scraping requires proxies and delays. By searching each article one at a time it ensures that we avoid any kind of Google bans for our users. We may implement a bulk checking system in the future for users that don’t mind using private proxies. Copyscape integration is still present for mass checking articles. With the combination of automatic and visual checks you can be 100 percent certain your article is unique!

Manage multiple WordPress sites

EAH now supports the adding of unlimited WordPress sites. This is perfect for people with lots of sites or a PBN. You can choose what sites you want to post articles to on the fly.

List system

The favorites system has now been replaced with a list system. You can now create as many lists as you like and save your articles to these lists. This helps drastically with the organization of projects.

Article editor

EAH now has a basic HTML editor built in. You can add images and tweak the formatting of your articles before posting them.

General tweaks and improvements

Along with all these new features, we have implemented a ton of other bug fixes and improvements with many more planned. Stay tuned!

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